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Public Relations

+ Media Outreach Generating Strong Coverage for an Acquisition +more + Company Launch Establishing WattBuy as a Market Leader +more + Conference Media Relations Generating Conference Coverage Without News +more + Media Coverage Repurposing Content for Increased Coverage +more + Media Coverage Lyft Partner Launch +more + Brand Launch Generating Major Media Awareness +more + Showcasing Diversity in Software Development Women of Software Testing Rock +more + Application Security Company Announces Funding Raising Media Awareness Around a Funding Event +more + Cloud Provider Product Launch New product launch +more + Kubernetes Company Acquisition Start-Up Thought Leadership +more + New Automotive Mobile Application Scoring Big Time Coverage +more + Creating an Industrial IoT Luminary Building a thought leader +more + Consumer Security Company Grabs Headlines Building a Brand with National Coverage Hundreds of Top Tier Press Articles +more + Mobile Music App Generates Immediate Buzz Top tier coverage drives music app downloads +more + Crowdsource Application Launches to Travel Industry Airmule user base jumps with higher visibility +more + API Monitoring Report Generates Excitement Drive key media and analyst coverage +more + CleanTech Company Earns Top Tier Coverage Covered in 91 stories including WSJ, NYT and The Economist +more + Utility Tech Company Strikes Chord with Analysts Defining a new market segment +more + Security Non-Profit Launches IoT Framework More than 45 original media mentions +more + Open Source Web Platform Broadens Visibility Increase awareness with broader tech community +more + Network Test Company Launches New Handheld Building awareness through key influencers +more + Telecom Manufacturer Pushes Hotspots to Families 100% of reviewers said "Buy" +more + Social Media Commerce Company’s Fresh Start “Going big” to engage national press +more + Connected Fitness Company Launches at CES Making connections with new press +more