Rebrand cybersecurity firm

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New identity for new markets, new products

IID adds clarity to cyberthreat intelligence by distilling threat data from thousands of trusted sources, and fusing it into actionable intelligence delivered to security professionals and automated infrastructure at Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies. IID’s ActiveTrust is one of the world’s largest commercial cyberthreat data exchanges.


Internet security goes beyond phishing and financial services with IID

Telling a bigger story to a wider audience

Internet Identity, a Tacoma-based cybersecurity company, had an established reputation for providing anti-phishing services to financial services organizations but saw the opportunity to offer broader services to enterprises beyond banking. The brief asked for a strong, all-encompassing symbol with a name that implicated more than protection of identity.

Strong and simple

As is often the case, the company’s clients and employees had shortened the seven-syllable name to initials, IID. With a powerful, active symbol inspired by the Internet’s worldwide communications network, a graphic identity was designed to be memorable, direct and evocative of a large, well-established organization named IID.

Quick to market

The new identity was used in sales collateral, signage and stationery and a time-critical website to support an annual trade event. Introduction and adoption were straightforward, especially since everyone who knew the company knew it as IID.

Five years later

IID has grown well past its anti-phishing past, today offering cyberthreat intelligence under its proprietary ActiveTrust platform to a broad market. The identity graphics were freshened in 2013 and a new website was developed and launched in first quarter 2014.

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