Social Media

Still think you can’t
measure social media ROI?
Think again.

If you’re still just dabbling in social media, it’s time to step up your game. Get past counting likes and followers and start thinking about the kinds of outcomes that matter to the bottom line. social-icons-660px

We’ll work with you to build an engaged community that wants to champion your brand and takes meaningful action. We’ll show you how to use social media to build a direct relationship with customers that drives leads and sales, and increases satisfaction.

We can help you with everything from basic strategy development to fully managed programs using the latest integrated social media marketing applications and tools. We’ve built successful social media programs from scratch that push content and are actively followed by real customers and stakeholders. Better yet, we know how to work with tools and services like Google Analytics, Marketo, SalesForce and Simply Measured to build an integrated system that tracks potential customers from like to sale. So you can see what works and do it over and over again.