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4 Benefits Evergreen Content Delivers to Your PR Program

For years, content marketers have touted the importance of including evergreen content in their marketing strategy: Moz has told us the true power of evergreen content, Hubspot and Buffer have given us ideas for creating evergreen content, and Marketo has taught us how to create evergreen content with lasting engagement. It’s not surprising that this topic has found its way into marketing conversations for the last decade. Evergreen content is incredibly helpful due to its usefulness long after the publish date and its ability to transcend the latest “buzz” by …

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Building Better B2B Messaging in 6 Steps

Many B2B companies struggle to develop marketing messages that are clear, concise and compelling – typically because the exercise gets off on the wrong foot. In this post, I’ll break down a classic 6-step B2B messaging framework that can help ensure you start the messaging journey productively. The B2B messaging framework itself is well known and simple, and looks like this: For [target audience] Who [statement of need or opportunity], [Name] is a [category] That [statement of key benefit]. Unlike [primary competitive alternative], [Name] is [statement of primary differentiation]. That’s …

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