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Ten smart steps to a new website

Refreshing your online presence with a new website takes more than redesign. It takes serious planning, goal setting and strategy. If your present website doesn’t use a CMS, doesn’t deliver results, look good on a phone or looks outdated, it’s time for a fresh start. Benchmark your metrics. Take a look at your traffic, time on site, bounce rate plus SEO rankings, lead generation and sales generated. Set new goals. Do you want to look bigger, increase site traffic, build leads or boost SEO? Inventory your strengths. The assets on …

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Making sense of RGB, CMYK and Pantone: a primer

What’s what with RGB, CMYK and Pantone color specs? When to use what, and why, is the purpose for this short article. Let’s start with RGB,the digital standard. It’s the color process used on screens, like computers, tvs and phones. Colors are created by adding red, green and blue light to a dark screen. All three at maximum 255 value creates purewhite. RGB colors can be very vibrant because you’re working with projected light rather than reflected ink. RGB colors are specified in values from 0 to 255 or in …

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6 tips to add power to your next presentation

With PowerPoint in use every way, every day, here are six tips to get more out of your deck, thanks to Shane O’Sullivan, Seattle designer specializing in creating effective presentations. Don’t read from your slides. Ever. Talk to your audience, even if it’s just one person. Your screen should drive home your key points – not list every detail. Enough with the bullets already. Any alternative to bullet points is appreciated. They’re just dots: they don’t add validity, interest or meaning. And you seldom need to drill down past three indents …

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