Your business is lean.
Your PR team should be, too.

If you’re shopping for a PR agency, you’re going to hear a lot about senior level involvement. At Voxus, we design our teams small, precisely so we can put our most experienced people to work for you. We’re purposely top heavy with PR, marketing and creative pros who can understand your business, tell your story with style, and give you sound, day-to-day and strategic counsel.

Our teams are built around our program directors. With 10 or more years of PR and marketing experience with B2B and B2C clients large and small, they know how to get things done. They’re your primary point of contact and on the front line with the media. They work hand in hand with our partners, senior level strategists with decades of experience (and the stories to prove it).

Of course, we scale our teams to match the size and the complexities of your program. But our touchstone is always to do more with less. We know your resources are precious and we do our best to treat them as carefully as you do.

01 Creative

We know how to use the tools we're given.

02 Impactful

We do stuff that matters.

03 No nonsense

In every way: no drama, no waste, no egos.

04 Geeky

We like technology.

05 Non-corporate

Have a beer with us, or two.